What I want to learn from the TINST 475

I have signed up for the Entrepreneurship in Computing and Software Systems class with a list of expectations. I am super curious to know traits of being an entrepreneur and how to achieve those traits. I want to recognize my strengths and weaknesses and use this class as a practice environment to test myself being an entrepreneur. To be specific, I want to understand the different business models and the liabilities attached to each type of model. I also want to network with the fellow students and guest speakers so I can exchange ideas and learn something valuable from them.
I want to use this class a starting point for my entrepreneurship journey. All the ideas I have for my own businesses, I want to share those with my fellow classmates and get connected with the ones who show interest in the same sort of ideas.

As I said earlier, I have a list of skills I would like to get from this class. The list includes creative thinking, problem-solving, recognition of risks and opportunit…
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